Welcome to the Sheldon United Methodist Church

Our mission is to work together as a community to create new disciples for Jesus Christ and for the transformation of the world. Within the Sheldon community, our church is known as, “the church that accepts anyone". We will welcome anyone who comes through those doors, the way that Jesus would have welcomed them, with love. We are currently worshiping in person and online. To see what we are doing to make worship safer, click here.

Traditional Service

Here at SUMC, we have two services that we invite anyone and everyone to attend! The first of our services is at 8:30 AM and it's what we call the "Traditional Service". During this service, we sing hymns, have silent prayer, and meditate on the traditions that the church was founded on.

Modern Service

The second service of ours begins at 11 AM and it's called our modern worship service. During this service, our praise band leads the congregation into a time of uplifting worship, which is then followed by the pastor's message. This is a more relaxed service and it is one that we encourage you to come to however you see fit.